“Little drops of water, Little grains of sand ,
Make the mighty ocean, And the blessed land.”

Gokul projects Vision-2020 aims at completing four projects during the next five years. One amongst them, the Gokul redevelopment project is one of the major projects with a projected cost of nearly 30 to 35 crores. It is indeed going to be a herculean task for a small community like ours to accomplish this. It can only happen if all members of the BSKB Association work together with single minded devotion and a shared goal.

AKSHAYA NIDHI is a fund created for the purpose of Gokul redevelopment project. We wish to appeal to every member to contribute his or her one day earning in a month towards AKSHAYA NIDHI. One can contribute this amount as a one-time contribution or as one day’s income every month for one year or maybe till the project is completed. It is purely optional and voluntary. There is no stipulation on the amount one can contribute. You can be a part of building a great legacy by participating in this noble project, in this way, without causing a serious pinch to your pocket. Five years down the line you will be justifiably proud for being a part of this completed project.

Every penny contributed towards AKSHAYA NIDHI will be directly utilized towards the redevelopment of Gokul with utmost caution. In unity there is strength and victory is meaningful when it is shared.

Kindly draw the cheque in favour of “The B.S.K.B Association” payable at Mumbai. All donations are tax exempt under section 80G of Income Tax Act.