The number of seniors who require  medical assistance is increasing.  The cost of medical equipment is quite high. The requirement of some of these items, in many cases, is for a temporary period and investing in buying the  same may not be  economical.  Renting such items saves money which can be utilized by the families of those needing them for other purposes. By providing this service, we will be helping in providing some comfort to those in pain and suffering.

The desire to do more for the seniors, especially to the sick and aged,  as proposed by our President, Dr Suresh Rao,  this new concept has born.

The Ashraya Sanjeevani Senior Care Centre was inaugurated on 15th August 2018 by Dr Narendra Trivedi,  CEO, Apollo Hospital. It will lease the  medical 

equipment like walkers, wheelchairs, hospital beds, crutches, bed pan,  back rest  etc. on temporary basis , just with  refundable deposit. No rent would be charged.  Currently this facility is for the needy people of Navi Mumbai area and  then gradually plan to extend it  to the  other areas.

We are glad to inform that people have already started using this facility. Currently following equipment are available for leasing:

Suction Machine, Nephron Nebulizer, Stretcher Canvas with both side Rexene cover, Folding Walker Plain, Commode Chair with Pot, Traction Pulley with weigh bag, Fowler Bed, Orthopedics Back Rest, Under Arm Crutches, Steel Bed, Plastic Urine Pot, Steel Kidney Tray, Wheel Chair Folding, Coronation Air Bed, I.V. stand with steel rod, Folding Walker with Wheel, Commode Extension, ‘ U ‘ shape walking Stick Tripod, Half Flower Bed, Hand Lim Elbow Crutches & Stainless Steel Bed Pan.

Many More will be added soon.

Office Address:

Ashraya- Home for Senior Citizens,  Plot -92, Sector 19, Above Karnataka Bank,  Nr Seawoods Station Station, Nerul ( East), Navi Mumbai-400706

Tel: 022-27700805 What`sup/Mob: 9869465463 email: web:




  1. Our office timing is from Monday to Saturday : 9AM to 1PM & 2PM to 5PM. Sunday Closed.
  2. Security Deposit will be refunded on returning equipment. There is no rental charges.
  3. Initial amount is to be paid in cash/ Money transfer/CC [ as equipment is given  after realization of amount ] and a  post dated cheque for the same amount is to be deposited.
  4. Please inform before coming.
  5. The article should be either returned or renewed within 60 days (two months) from the date of issue & further if not returned within 120 days (four months), the trust is authorized to purchase the article/s from the amount deposited and I shall have no claim on the amount deposited or article/s purchased.
  6. On the recommendation in writing on the letter-head of any Registered Medical Practitioner or recommendation by any Member of BSKBA, medical equipment  is / are supplied to the public at their own risk, with a clear understanding that the article / s  is / or are used under instruction/ s of a Medical Practitioner.
  7. If the articles are damaged or lost while in transit or while in custody of the party, such damages or losses will have to be made good by party or his agent taking the articles.
  8. The items are loaned on a deposit basis (interest free refundable deposit). Refer attached list for deposit amount for each item.
  9. The party shall arrange for transport of the medical equipment to and FRO at their own cost & risk.
  10. The deposit amount, other rules and regulations are subject to change without prior notice.
  11. The party has to return all equipment in clean and good working condition, other than normal wear and tear. Any damage caused to the equipment , will be charged and deducted from the deposit amount.
  12. Once the item/s is/are booked and accepted, party need to collect the same. It is deemed that the party has collected the item, unless specifically informed with acceptable reason.
  13. We accept no responsibility for any injury caused through the use of items taken from the centre.
  14. Repairs/Modifications are not to be done on any of our equipment without prior authorization.
  15. Payment can be made either in Cash or by money transfer to the association`s account. Cheque must be drawn in favor of BSKB Association, payable at Mumbai.
  16. Deposit money wou
  17. ld be returned within a weeks’ time after returning the borrowed item/s, after deduction for damage of item, if any. Deposit amount will be credited to your Bank Account. Hence please provide your bank details like Name of the Bank. Account No. (SB/Current a/c) and IFSC.
  18. Refund will be available during Office Hours between 10.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M. No refund on Sundays / Bank Holidays.
  19. In case payment for deposit is made by cheque, equipment will be issued only after realization of the cheque.  Postdated (60 days) cheque for equivalent deposit amount needs to be submitted along with deposit amount.  The same cheque will be deposited in case you fail to return the equipment within 60 days.
  20. Our endeavor is to serve the public, we trust that public will appreciate and co-operate in our efforts to serve through this “LIFE SAVING SERVICE”.
  21. If the equipment is not returned within six months from the date of issue, 7th month onwards, 15% of the total deposited amount will be deducted each month.

Our endeavor is to serve the public, we trust that public will appreciate and co-operate in our efforts to serve through this “LIFE SAVING SERVICE”.


Medical Equipment Security refundable deposit amount
Sl. No. Item Description  Initial Amount  Post Dated Chq Amt
Rs Rs
1 Coronation Air Bed                  1,200                           1,200
2 Half Fowler Bed                  2,500                           2,500
3  Back Rest Orthopadic                     800                              800
4 Commod Extension                  1,200                           1,200
5 Commod Chair with Pot                     600                              600
6  Bed Fowler                  4,000                           4,000
7 Oxygen Concentrator                25,000                         25,000
8  Elbow Crutches Hand Lim                     600                              600
9 Bed Pan Stainless Steel                     200                              200
10 I.V. stand with steel rod                     800                              800
11 Kidney Tray                       50                                 50
12  Nebulizer Nupron                     700                              700
13 Under Arm Crutches                     600                              600
14 Suction Machine                  2,200                           2,200
15 Urine Pot Plastic                       50                                 50
16 Traction Pulley with weigh bag                     600                              600
17 Stretcher Canvas with rexine cover                  1,100                           1,100
18 Walking Stick  U Tripod                     300                              300
19 Walker with Wheels                  1,000                           1,000
20 Walker Plain  Folding                     900                              900
21 Wheel Chair Folding                  1,800                           1,800
22 Steel Bed                  1,000                           1,000
23 Crutch Stick (quadripad) walking stick                     350                              350
24 Walking Stick                     200                              200