President's Desk

Dear Members,

I wish to thank all members of the B.S.K.B. Association for electing me as their President for the fourth term. Twelve years ago, I came to Gokul as an outsider not known to most of the members. Here I must mention the name of Shri A. K. Hebbar who was a great visionary, leader and philanthropist.

Youth Wing

Shri K Narayan Sharma was instrumental in creating the Youth Wing with an objective to build a pipeline of future leaders and to provide the youth of the Association a platform to display their talents and channelize them in the right direction for the benefit of the community and towards achieving organizational objectives.

Ladies Wing

The idea of creating a separate Ladies wing was conceived by our then active committee member Mr. K Narayan Sharma. This was basically to give Ladies a platform to get out of the kitchen, display their talents and channelize their organizational skill to serve the community in the areas where they excel.