Gokul NRI Wing

A few decades ago, whenever someone came to Mumbai from South Kanara, it was natural to seek assistance from a friend or some senior members of the community already settled in Mumbai, in adjusting to the new environment. The assistance was provided in many ways; in the form of finance, temporary lodging and/or boarding or by way of help in finding a job. Membership of the B.S.K.B.Association offered the new migrant and the family a forum to involve and participate in religious and cultural activities.

Today, the scenario has changed to a very large extent as there are numerous options available due to changing lifestyles and significant improvement in work related circumstances. A lot of our youngsters travel abroad and seek new pastures of enterprise in lands across the seven seas. Even so, one cannot refute the continued relevance of a comfort net even in these changed circumstances. Those moving out would be more at ease and their parents happier if they knew someone staying in that new place to offer some kind of moral support and fellowship. Support of this kind is always a great boost to the spirits especially when it comes from known acquaintance. This helps in and promotes bonding between members of the same community irrespective of where and how it happens.

In the same vein, when a member of our Gokul association who has settled abroad needs some help whenever he or she visits Mumbai, especially when they do not have any relatives in Mumbai, Gokul can become the comfort provider and assist in providing accommodation during transit. We can also further assist our members, during their stay in Mumbai, to make their holiday memorable.

The B S K B association would like to take up this project and create a Gokul N R I Wing. The objective of this wing will be to offer assistance to our members going abroad and the ones who are coming from there. To initiate this Gokul N R I Wing, we request all our members whose kith and kin are abroad to provide us with the details of the name and address along with the telephone numbers and mail id, to enable us to create a Data base . This will enable us to establish contact and share with them the facilities they can avail of when they are in Mumbai.

To launch this project

  • We will create a GOKUL NRI WING.
    Create a data base
  • Share with the new members our objectives
  • Send them a soft copy of the Gokulvani regularly
  • Share with them news of various events and our achievements
  • And, if any of our member going abroad needs any assistance we will find out from our database the availability of our member in that city, communicate with them and subject to their consent we will pass on the information to our member. This information of people living in that city or town will only help in creating a sense of security those travelling for the first time

Our association can help our NRI members in many ways.

  • Look after their temporary stay in Mumbai during transit
  • Arrange to have any Pooja performed in Gokul on prior intimation.
  • Arrange to have religious functions in Gokul with prior intimation.
  • Facilitate in sharing marriage bureau details.
  • If the members need any assistance, the association will try to seek help with whatever resources they have at their disposal

We request you to help us in this venture and help our community to progress GLOBALLY.


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