Listening to sublime music can be a heavenly experience, especially if it is purely devotional. Simple songs in soulful language, expressing love for God, are great legacy of India’s Bhakti movement. Bhajan-singing, a traditional method of singing the songs of the great saints of the Bhakti movement while invoking the divine can have tremendous stress-removing benefits.

Keeping the above view in mind, few enthusiastic ladies of BSKB Association came together to start Gokul Bhajana Mandali eight years ago. Since then they have never looked back, increasing both in strength and the number of performances extending even to ‘Mane Maneyalli Bhajans’ (Bhajane in every house).

The Mandali got registered with the TTD Dasa Sahitya Project in Sept. 2011. Since then, with the divine blessings of Lord Sri Gopalakrishna, 162 bhajan performances have been rendered at various places, events and festivals.

The Bhajana mandali is well known in and around Mumbai and at gets invitations to perform at various auspicious events.

Gokula Bhajana Mandali participates actively at all Sri Krishna Temple functions. Mandali   also conducts Bhajana Classes every Thursday. The Mandali has also nurtured Children’s Bhajan group who perform at Gokul religious functions like Tulasi Pooja, Akhanda Bhajans; etc.