B.S.K.B Association is a 90-year-old institution, popularly known as ‘GOKUL’. Over the years, its membership has grown exponentially to over 4000 life members. Today Gokul has become an Icon by virtue of it being one of the prestigious & progressive cultural and social organizations of Mumbai.

Gokul projects vision 2020 as envisaged by B.S.K.B Association President Dr. Suresh Rao and his team of dedicated office bearers of the BSKB Association aims at completing four projects in the next five years.

The Gokul Re-development is the main project.

The Association building and the Gokul temple in Sion was completed in 1956, keeping in mind the needs of the community in those days. To meet the needs of the present generation, the management has decided to redevelop this building into a new modern building with a separate temple, and other modern amenities. The cost of the entire project is estimated to be around 30-35 crores.

The second one relates to needs of the BSKBA Senior Citizen’s home Ashraya. Due to popular demand, the Association’s Senior Citizens’ Home at Nerul, is in need of additional floor space, thanks to the long list of Senior Citizens who wish to avail of the excellent care and services being offered at Ashraya. The management has decided to add an additional floor to the existing complex at Nerul. This project of ASHRAYA is expected to be completed by 2020.

The third initiative is Gokul’s VIDYANIDHI initiative which is a programme where academically inclined students are offered interest free loans based on a selection criteria. This is an ongoing initiative and many deserving students have benefited from this so far.

The last project is to plan for the setting up of an educational institution that has one of the finest facilities and can play its due role in nation building.


Gokul Marg, Plot No. 273, Sion (East), Mumbai – 400022.


Plot No. 92, Sector 19, Nerul (E), Navi Mumbai – 400706.


Gokul: +91 8591732651

Ashraya: +91 8591732653